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Why does the HBase_1_1_2_ClientMapCacheService seem to ignore the "HBase Column Qualifier" property?

New Contributor

For the below setup it always returns 'QUAL-3' as the value, regardless of the "HBase Column Qualifier" property setting:

HBase Cache Table Name

HBase Client Service
HBase Column Family
HBase Column Qualifier
hbase> create 'test-col-quals', 'f'
hbase>put 'test-col-quals', '1', 'f:q1', 'QUAL-1'
hbase>put 'test-col-quals', '1', 'f:q2', 'QUAL-2'
hbase>put 'test-col-quals', '1', 'f:q3', 'QUAL-3'
hbase>scan 'test-col-quals'
ROW                                       COLUMN+CELL
 1                                        column=f:q1, timestamp=1531403336423, value=QUAL-1
 1                                        column=f:q2, timestamp=1531403363569, value=QUAL-2
 1                                        column=f:q3, timestamp=1531403376177, value=QUAL-3
1 row(s) in 0.0040 seconds