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Why is NiFi SplitText duplicating the lines?

New Contributor

My apologies if this was already posted. I thought I had posted this on Monday, but I could not find my question.

I am pulling a JSON file from a GetSplunk process. The return is a text file of JSON records that are terminated with a

a line feed (0a). When I send a small number of lines to SplitText, 15 for example. It expands to ~10,000 lines. Anyone have a work around?


Super Guru

Can you share an example file? Is it one-JSON-per-line? Is SplitJson or SplitRecord a better choice here?

New Contributor

Matt, thanks for getting back to me. In checking the list queue I have found that it is not SplitText, but the GetSplunk JSON export. That processor works fine for about a half dozen times and then starts repeating the entire package over and over. So I am on to your tutorial on writing a Jython process to reduce the duplicates. I have just completed your suggestion to write code that just passes success to the next queue. Thanks for writing a great part 1, 2, and 3 tutorial.

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