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Why my file size getting increase after writing it into outputstream ?


Why my file size getting increase after writing it into outputstream ?

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I am writing a custom processor to store files into azure data lake after reading LAS file and using its well name as a directory name to store those wells data into it. In these files PDF, TIF, PAS, and LAS files are there. If I'm using "String input = IOUtils.toString(in)" then I can only read LAS file after downloading. For this problem I have used ByteArrayOutputStream and able to read files like pdf. But hereafter one or two files processing files size start incrementing 2 or 3 times of original size and I'm getting stored those files in azure data lake. What I will do with this problem and even some TIF file is not opened after downloading.

Even I'm not able to read bytes after converting it into string. I have used two approach.

String input = new String(bytes, "UTF-8");

String input = IOUtils.toString(bytes, "UTF-8");

Code snippets : -

ByteArrayOutputStream bos = new ByteArrayOutputStream();

for (int readNum; (readNum = != -1;) {
		bos.write(buf, 0, readNum);
	System.out.println("read " + readNum + " bytes,");
byte[] bytes = bos.toByteArray();
String file = dir + "/" + filenameList.get(i);
stream = client.createFile(file, IfExists.OVERWRITE);//here client is a AzureDataLakeAcessClient class instance variable
stream.write(inputList.get(i), 0, inputList.get(i).length);
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