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Why the GraphX can run well on Spark 1.6,But the official of Cloudera say not support

New Contributor

Recently, We help our customer to do a poc, Our customer want to know the performance of GraphX. My customer is an famous & large effect organization in financial field of China. The task is page rank.We use 7 hours to complete 1000 million records on 4 pcs of poor vm(2vcpn,4ram,300g HD). No any alarm or error. I am very doubt the introduction of Cloudera about the GraphX & Spark. "GraphX is not Supported" -----------


Master Collaborator
It is included in CDH and works fine. It is not something we offer production support for. This is mostly because there is little demand for it and because the component is inactive in Spark.

New Contributor
Yes,All the component of CDH are working fine. The OS is SUSE LINUX 11 SP4. I approve your answer .If the dedaration of the Cloduera incloude the more detail about the isuue for GraphX & Spark ,That is fine.
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