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Will hive 1.x scipts work if the cluster(hadoop/hive) is updated to 2.x?


I have some hive scripts running on the cluster. They are started by oozie. I want to know if they can stop working if the cluster is updated. Is there a place where I can see what words became reserved words(like date) or what settings we have to write differently(for example SET hive.execution.engine=mr changing to hive.exec.engine) and other such things? I tried looking at the official site and there are some descriptions, but they are not what I need.


Expert Contributor

Are you upgrading your HDP(cluster) or just the hive component(not recommended)?

If you are upgrading HDP generally speaking you should be good. Scripts should continue to work.( In general though if you are using some specific features you may run into issues). If you are looking to take advantage of new features in hive2 that's a different story and really isn't the same as upgrading.

Why don't you download the latest sandbox and test our your scripts to see what potential issues you could run into?