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Will single availability zone provide high availabilty?

New Contributor

Cloudbreak 2.2.0 Openstack Newton

In cloudbreak, there is only one availability zone to choose from. My doubt lies if this will ensure high availabilty in cases where i need to bring up multi node clusters?



@shweta singh You are right, that in case of HA clusters the HA nodes should be launched in different availabilty zones. Unfortunately Cloudbreak doesn't support clusters in multiple availability zones.

if you have a contact to a Hortonworks Solution Engineer, please contact him, and we will be able to look into your issue more deeply.

New Contributor

Greetings @fschneider, there are numerous, admittedly older, threads in HCC that recommend against using multi-AZ deployment to implement Hadoop high availability, for example

Given your reply above, our team is curious if Hortonworks now recommends (or supports) AWS multi-AZ deployment to implement Hadoop high availability?

Many thanks in advance!

Expert Contributor

Hi @Tony Cincotta,

Your question is not really related to the original one and also not Cloudbreak specific. Could you post it as a separate question?


New Contributor

Amazon EC2 recently introduced Partition Placement Groups for rack-aware applications -

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