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Windows 10 HDP Install VMWare: Failed to Start

New Contributor


I am trying to run the VMWare version of HDP on Windows 10 and I am encountering the two following issues when I boot up my VM Player. Any ideas as to what is happening?


Super Mentor

@Jonathan Turner

Looks like your NetworkManager is not running properly,

Can you try restarting the VM. Or may be Import the Sandbox binaries again to the VMWare.

Did you make any Network related changes to the default VM network Config?


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@Jay SenSharma

I've tried to Import the Sandbox again and restarted the VM multiple times. I took a picture of my network settings and I was hoping you could take a look and see if I need to change any of the settings.

Thanks in advance,


New Contributor

Hi Jonathan,

I am facing the exact same issue with both VMware player and Virtualbox both. Tried all options but no luck.

Have you been able to resolve it? kindly help me as well