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Windows NFS client access secured HDFS as 'nobody'



This is going to be a bit security question.

I've setup Secured Hadoop cluster using Kerberos. I also setup NFS Gateway using Cloudera Manager. I made sure firewalls are open and my IP is listed on NFS whitelist.


On Windows Client,

if I use "Map Network Drive" wizard, or even if I mount Hadoop NFS using Windows command line "mount <servername>:/! X:", NFS Gateway log shows that I'm accessing the HDFS as "nobody" user.

I do have proper Kerberos ticket from Windows AD using kinit command.


If I specify -o sec=krb5 option on the mount command, I get Access Denied error


mount -o sec=krb5 <servername>:/! X:

Access is Denied


On linux, I'm successfully able to kinit and mount NFS drive as my AD username.


Did anyone have similar issue?


Thank you