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With version 2.6.5 of the sandbox and VMWare workstation; how do you set a static IP address?



I'm using VMware Workstation 15, host is windows 10 and as above HDP v2.6.5

Because I couldn't get any of the solutions posted here to work; I've attempted to follow the following;

I'm connected using putty

In summary the steps are;

1). Backup ifcg-enp0s3; used hostnamectl to determine o/s and virtual machine (vm) name (

2).Actually had to create new ifcfg-enp0s3 but this article gave a starting point

MAC Address (for HWADDR) was taken from Network Adapter (NAT) defined in VM

UUID was left as per the article



GATEWAY= taken from "route -n"

3). Edit /etc/sysconfig/network file; again had to create a new one as follows


4). Edit /etc/resolv.conf, complete file shown below;

search localdomain
options ndots:0

5). Edit /etc/hosts to append

6). Apply network changes by rebooting

7). Check

Results connection to fails

Connection to works

ifconfig shows NO changes of any sort, please help?

Cloudera Employee

Hi @Chris Jenkins,

Are you trying to assign a different IP to your sandbox container? The Sandbox container itself already has a static IP. However, if your goal is to change it then the change would need to be done at the Host VM level and not the HDP Sandbox container level. Please refer to this guide which explains the current architecture. connects you to the Host VM and not the Sandbox container. The sandbox container simply forwards traffic to the HDP container via reverse proxy based on the hostname, namely or I hope this helps