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Write SNMP attributes to physical file on system.

New Contributor


I am using Apache NiFi to connect to a Node and run SNMP Get command. I can connect to the Node using "GetSNMP" processor and can see the SNMP attributes received from that node in logs using "LogAttribute" processor.

I want to write these attributes in a separate file on the file system. I tried with "PutFile" processor but it creates empty files.

Any help?



New Contributor

Hi, Can any one help on this?


New Contributor

@Shashwat Gaur

Use AttributesToJSON and change destination in properties to flowfile-content


@Shashwat Gauro To put attributes to a file i am using AttributesToJson processor and in the properties change Destination to "flowfile-content". Attributes will be moved as contents in flowfile. then you can use putfile.

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