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Write our own Java API which talk to Apache Atlas?

Hi everyone,

I would like to write my own Java Program with the help of JAVA APIs for Apache Atlas, and then try to create type and entity with this program.

Where I find all the Jars which are required for it, and also can it be compile with java compiler only?

What things are required to create java program like, how would I compile and run my code?




Expert Contributor

Good Day @manoj kumar,

I think you will find what you need here: scroll to the bottom and it shows you how to build the jars.

If you want to know how to interact with the client maybe look at some of the projects tests.

It gives examples of usage.

I also saw this random project after doing a quick search:

It might also be a good place to see what someone is doing in java with the client. I can't speak to the quality of code as I didn't write it or examine it but it might be of help to you.