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XML File Ingestion


XML File Ingestion

New Contributor

Hi All,

I have a file ingestion scenario , where in I'll be getting multiple xml files at same time and have to ingest into Hive tables.

  • At 11AM , I will be several zip files. Each zip file having 7K+ xml files.
  • Size of 1zip file is around 50MB and when unzipped is 500+MB.
  • Total number of zip files coming at 11AM would be around 130.
  • I have to unzip each zip file , remove the Linefeed characters from XML's and have to merge all those xml's from all the zip files.
  • Same number of files will come again at 9PM. So I get a window of 10hrs to process the morning batch of files.
  • Now this one big file has to be ingested. This is my current approach.

If some one can suggest any better way , would be great help to create this file ingestion framework. My main concern is the number of files coming in one go and having a short window to process the huge file. How this work can be done in parallel or distributed manner ?

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