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YARN Capacity Scheduler Ambari View changes REQUIRES Resource Manager RESTART

Before the nice new Ambari View, we could get away with "Refreshing Capacity Queues" (or some such service-level command), but with the new (and very nice!) Ambari View, even the simplest changes to the queue definitions gets represented in Ambari as a need to restart the Resource Manager?

Is this a bug? Was this behavior present before (i.e. we can refresh the queues after editing the simple text box and Ambari still wants to restart the RMs)?


Expert Contributor
@Lester Martin

Which version of Ambari are you using? In 2.5 you have the option to Save and Refresh Queues as you can see in this picture:


I'm using Ambari (and Capacity Scheduler Ambari View 1.0.0) which DOES have the "Save and Refresh Queues". That's not the problem. What is concerning is that over in the YARN service page Ambari wants to restart the RMs as shown in the attached screenshot. Probably doesn't need to be done, BUT this causes long-running grief for operators who don't want to see all of these warning messages to restart things. Thoughts?


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