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YARN UI is not working in PROD and working in DR


Hi All,

We're facing an issue in PROD env which seems like the YARN UI is working in DR env and not working in PROD env. The configurations are similar in both the env and also we've checked the IPtables which is running fine in both env. Please suggest what may be an issue in PROD and help to fix it out.



@Saravana V

Few questions:

- Is RM up and running in PROD?

- Is the RM UI health good in Ambari?

If above is working fine then it should be network/dns issue. Turn off the iptables or open the 8088 port and check if your local machine is able to resolve the hostname of Prod RM.


@Sandeep Nemuri

RM service is up and running in Prod.

Though PROD/DR RM UI should be inaccessible as per the company policy. Wonder how it was enabled only in PROD.

I see both the IPtables are same. Would you be able to advise what might be wrong.



@Sandeep Nemuri @Geoffrey Shelton Okot The issue is still persist. Please could you assist.


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