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Yarn Job Failure Did not create any app directories

Yarn Job Failure Did not create any app directories

New Contributor
I have setup a new HDP(3.1) cluster by enabling the kerberos. While running sample pi job it is failing with the error message. I have set the umask value to 022 in the shell before running the sample job. I have removed the appcache completely and rerun the job. But still the issue is there. If i disable kerberos then the job finishes successfully. Please let me know what could be the reason it will be very much helpful.

hadoop jar /usr/hdp/ pi 1 1


Error Message


19/08/27 23:15:37 INFO mapreduce Job: Task Id : attempt_1566659439835_0013_m_000001_2, Status : FAILED
[2019-08-27 23:15:35.443]Application application_1566659439835_0013 initialization failed (exitCode=255) with output: main : command provided 0
main : run as user is projadmin
main : requested yarn user is projadmin
Path /hadoop/yarn/local/usercache/projadmin/appcache/application_1566659439835_0013 has permission 700 but needs permission 750.
Did not create any app directories

Directory permissions are below

drwx--S--- 4 projadmin hadoop 73 Aug 27 23:15 application_1566659439835_0013


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