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Yarn app logs through knox


Trying to view yarn app logs using know on a kerberized cluster.

Getting 404 when clicking on logs, it is trying to go to /gateway/nodemanagerui. Is that a separate topology?


@Theyaa Matti

Nodemanager UI is still not supported at this time. You can probably add the Nodemanager UI to the knox topology but you may experience some issues due to this. Please review the supported components and UI on the following link:


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@Theyaa Matti You can try Yarn UI:

<service> <role>YARNUI</role> <url>http://{{rm_host}}:8088/</url> </service>

However this UI is still not supported and we don't recommend to use it specially in production.


@Felix Albani I have the YARN UI in my topology, but when I click on the logs link for an application I get redirected to /gateway/nodemanagerui, which gives me 404 not found. looking at the folder /usr/hdp/current/knox-server/data/services, I can see there is a service called nodemanagerui, the service.xml file for it looks like below.

<service role="NODEUI" name="nodeui" version="2.7.1">
<route path="/node/">
<rewrite apply="NODEUI/node/root" to="response.body"/>
<route path="/node/**">
<rewrite apply="NODEUI/node/path" to="response.body"/>
<route path="/node/**?**">
<rewrite apply="NODEUI/node/query" to="response.body"/>
<route path="/node/conf">
<rewrite apply="NODEUI/configuration" to="response.body"/>


What is the topology definition for it?


Thank you Felix, would you have an example on how to add it to the Knox Topology? I tried everything and did not work. The issues is that /gateway/nodemanagerui looks weird to me since all the other Knox urls are /gateway/default/<service>

I appreciate some direction on how to try it out.


Did you find any solution to your problem because I'm facing the same. I have HDP 2.6.5 with Knox 0.12.0. 





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