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Yarn master components down


Yarn master components down

i have a node which has the yarn master componets ( resource manager , app timelineserver ) and mapreduce history server/ This node went down due to a hardware issue. I havent enabled HA for yarn. How do i bring yarn master components in another node. If so i bring it in another node, will the node managers be able to recognize it. I need to bring the yarn master components in another node. what will be the best option


Re: Yarn master components down


Hi Arun, you can configure RM HA so 2nd RM (we called it standby RM) will automatically take effective when 1st RM (active RM) get down due to hardware/software issues. For how to deploy it, please refer: .

For MapReduce JHS (Job HistoryServer), because all write path are in application AM (write to HDFS directly) and JHS only play as reader. Anytime you found it is down, just bring it back should be ok.

ATS (application timeline server) is a bit complicated. while v1 based on levelDB (a local k-v store) and v1.5 based on it (with adding a HDFS cache layer) which still have problem of SPOF (Single Point of Failure). ATS v2 is still in development which has distributed write path and use HBase as backend store that can totally get rid of SPOF issues. I would suggest to keep using ATS v1.5 and upgrade to v2 in future when it get ready.

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