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Zeppelin UI does not run


Hi all,

For my task, I would like to use Zeppelin from my Hortonworks sandbox. I installed Zeppelin service via Ambari successfully but when I try to launch the UI, it does not respond. What could be the issue?
I checked the logs, changed the ports in env files of zeppelin, telnet the port 9996 with the hostname mentioned, but still no success. I have attached the snapshots.



@Jasim Waheed Ansari

Whats the entry in your /etc/hosts?

what is the output of the below cmd on your sandbox

# ifconfig 

Whatever IP you get from the above add this entry to your /etc/hosts as a new line eg       sandbox

Then you will be able t access you Zeppelin UI through  or

Tell me if that helps

Hi @Geoffrey , i used the sandbox's ifconfig ip in /etc/hosts as shown in attachment. The result is still the same, unable to access it.



@Jasim Waheed Ansari

How is the networking set for your sandbox ?

Can you give me a screenshot?

Hi ,

Attached are the network setup of my sandbox.



Thank you.


Network-1.png already warns there is a problem never ignore such errors !
You can choose

- Bridged Adapter
- Host-only Adapter

depending on your config or do port forwarding as Jay says!

Super Mentor

@Jasim Waheed Ansari

Looks like in your port forwarding the Zeppelin Port 9995 is not added so it will not be accessible from your local machine.

Can you please add the port forwarding as following in your NAT network setting