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Zeppelin keeps stopping after being started



I start my zeppelin an ambari, but after a few seconds it stops.

I checked /var/log/zeppelin and nothing is logged.

any idea?


Super Mentor

@Sara Alizadeh

- Do you see any failure in the ambari UI while starting Zeppelin?

- Have you tried clearing the "/var/run/zeppelin/" file from the host where zeppelin is installed (befeor starting the zeppelin)?

- Are you able to manually start the Zeppelin on that host (without using ambari) ? (this is just to isolate the issue)


# su zeppelin
# /usr/hdp/current/zeppelin-server/bin/ start


- Do you have sufficient memory on the host where you are planning to run zeppelin? Was it running fine earlier or Zeppelin is freshly installed on that host?


@Sara Alizadeh

This is an indication of insufficient memory for the allocated heap.

Could you run "free -m" on the host where Zeppelin is running? Otherwise, if you have access to Ambari dashboard go to the specific host and in the host metrics look at memory usage. You could export the data by clicking on the save icon. Analyze the memory usage over time. Time is expressed in epoch. If you convert it to a readable date/time you may be able to correlate with the time of failure.