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Zeppelin notebook not supporting leaflet polygon method


Zeppelin notebook not supporting leaflet polygon method

New Contributor

I am working on a Zeppelin notebook with Spark and Angularjs. I am using Leaflet for creating map visualization and also for creating the polygon. This is the example that I want to run on Zeppelin notebook:-

<!DOCTYPE html>    
   <title>Quick Start - Leaflet</title>
   <link rel="stylesheet" href="" integrity="sha512-puBpdR0798OZvTTbP4A8Ix/l+A4dHDD0DGqYW6RQ+9jxkRFclaxxQb/SJAWZfWAkuyeQUytO7+7N4QKrDh+drA==" crossorigin=""/>
   <script src="" integrity="sha512-QVftwZFqvtRNi0ZyCtsznlKSWOStnDORoefr1enyq5mVL4tmKB3S/EnC3rRJcxCPavG10IcrVGSmPh6Qw5lwrg==" crossorigin=""></script>
   <div id="mapid" style="width: 600px; height: 400px;"></div>
   var mymap ='mapid').setView([51.505, -0.09], 13);
               L.tileLayer('{id}/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?access_token=pk.eyJ1IjoibWFwYm94Ii              wiYSI6ImNpejY4NXVycTA2emYycXBndHRqcmZ3N3gifQ.rJcFIG214AriISLbB6B5aw', {
               maxZoom: 18,
        attribution: 'Map data &copy; <a href="">OpenStreetMap</a> contributor s, ' +
              '<a href="">CC-BY-SA</a>, ' +
              'Imagery © <a href="">Mapbox</a>',
               id: 'mapbox.streets'

   L.marker([51.5, -0.09]).addTo(mymap)
    .bindPopup("<b>Hello world!</b><br />I am a popup.").openPopup();[51.508, -0.11], 500, {
    color: 'red',
    fillColor: '#f03',
    fillOpacity: 0.5
    }).addTo(mymap).bindPopup("I am a circle.");

    [51.509, -0.08],
    [51.503, -0.06],
    [51.51, -0.047]
   ]).addTo(mymap).bindPopup("I am a polygon.");

 var popup = L.popup();


Only the marker property is working fine whereas circle and polygon APIs are not showing any output on the map. There was no error on the console log. I also went through this link where it says "there is an issue in Leaflet JS with Zeppelin". I have no clue what is happening here since there are no error logs.