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addValues after readJson fails - is our understanding of this correct?

addValues after readJson fails - is our understanding of this correct?


We are testing a morphline with JUnit and finding that we are getting unexpected behavior.  To simplify the explanation, and because it's difficult to

copy the code from an isolated network, I'm showing pseudo-code:



addValues { "hello" : "world" }

readJson ...

extractJsonPaths ...

toAvro ....

writeAvroToByteArray ...

addValues { "foo" : "bar" }

logInfo entire record   // this properly shows 'hello' and 'foo' keys in record


JUnit test:

Various setup

Record input = new Record()

Command morphline = ...

Put json byte[] in record ATTACHMENT_BODY


assert that input.getFields().containsKey("hello")   //   PASSES

assert that input.getFields().containsKey("foo")   //   FAILS


We think this second assertion is failing because jsonRead can process multiple records and so in essence the first addValues is adding the value to a 'different' record.  Is this true?






Re: addValues after readJson fails

Expert Contributor
readJson copies the input record and adds to these new record objects.

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