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address already in use Rstudio cron job Ask

address already in use Rstudio cron job Ask

I am using RGA package to import GA data. For that matter, I have a scheduled cron job.

It was working fine so far since years but I recently started getting:

createTcpServer: address already in use Error in httpuv::startServer(use$host, use$port, list(call = listen)) : Failed to create server Calls: authorize ... init_oauth2.0 -> oauth_authorize -> oauth_listener -> <Anonymous> Execution halted 

If I go and run this manually in RStudio now though, It runs fine without any issues. ( For it to run, I had to enable options(httr_oob_default=TRUE) after I started getting this error.

However, this, of course, cannot work for crons. It tries to connect to port `1410` This is what netstat command says

: tcp 0 0* LISTEN

1. If I have something running on this port, why does it not complain when I run it manually from rstudio

2. What could be the reason that I started getting this? We did not make any changes to the server.

3. How do I fix this?