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ambari jquery 1.7.2 upgrade to jquery1.9.1


I use ambari-2.2.2 in production environment . I couldn't upgrade ambari ,but want to upgrade jquery1.9.1 .Anyone has suggestions?


Hi @w hao,

Upgrading jQuery to 1.9.1 will break Ambari since the version of Ember used by Ambari requires jQuery 1.7. But if you want to know how to upgrade any javascript library used by ambari, here is the way to do it:

  1. Download the source code from git for the version you want -
  2. Make sure you have nodejs, npm and brunch installed to build the frontend code
  3. cd into ambari-web/vendor/scripts and replace the javascript library with the version you want
  4. Make changes in ambari-web/ file to reflect the modified library name and version
  5. Run "npm install" from ambari-web
  6. Run "brunch b" from ambari-web
  7. This should create target files in ambari-web/public. Copy the vendor.js file from ambari-web/public/javascripts to the ambari server node and replace vendor.js in path /usr/lib/ambari-server/web/javascripts/


thanks, I got it

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