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ambari server too slow

Ambari-server performance is way too slow.

I freshly installed ambari server on centos 7.3, with oracle jdk 1.8

I know only centos is supported till 7.2, But on the same configuration Ambari 2.2.2 works absolutely fine.

I did test with chrome, IE and firefox. Performance is bad in all of them.

It takes nearly 2 mins to login.

P.S.:- This is a fresh installation, I am trying to "launch Install wizard". Navigation to every page is nearly 2-3 mins. and I am not able to proceed after "Get started" tab.

Are there any known issues?


Vinay MP


you can troubleshoot using various ways and findout why Its slowing down.

1) see if there is any repeated errors in ambari log files. The Default location of log files are :/var/log/ambari-server/ambari-server.log

2) see the time taken if you do some operation using REST api commands :

time curl -i -u admin:admin -H 'X-Requested-By: ambari' -X GET http://host1:8080/api/v1/clusters/akhil

where akhil is my cluster name and host1 is my IP .

for me the below are the values :

real 0m0.293s

user 0m0.006s

sys 0m0.021s

3) check how much memory ambari server uses :

$JAVA_HOME/bin/jmap -heap 27618

where 27618 is my PID.

Super Mentor

@Vinay MP

1. How many number of nodes do you have in this cluster?

2. As Akhil suggested please share the ambari-server.log so that based on the timestamp we can see where exactly (For which operation/API call) it is getting slow.

3. Is there any resource crunches at the Ambari Server Host?

4. Is the Database co-located on the same host as Ambari Server or DB is installed on a remote Host?

I have written an article t check few common checkpoints when we see Ambari Server Slowness. Please have a look at the following link for common issues related to performance bottleneck:

@Akhil S Naik

@Jay SenSharma

It's a firewall issue. Now the ambari server is responding properly.

I did go through Jay's article. Thanks for sharing, that will help in future.


Vinay MP