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[ambari-server] : percona xtradb


Hi all,

Do you know it is possible to use xtradb for Ambari-server?



Super Mentor

@mayki wogno

Currently the use of "xtradb" is not supported. Even Now ambari is explicitly allowing only "innoDB" engine instead of "MyISAM".

- Additionally please refer to the note section in the doc:

- If you use MySQL 5.6, you must use the Inno DB engine.
- If your current MySQL engine is MyISAM, you must migrate to Inno DB before upgrading to Ambari 2.5.
- Export your current, MySQL (MyISAM) data.
- Drop the MySQL (MyISAM) database schema.
- Create a MySQL (Inno DB) database.
- Import your data into the MySQL (Inno DB) database instance.


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