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any normal way to stop Cloudera HDFS from complaining 'under_replicated ....'


any normal way to stop Cloudera HDFS from complaining 'under_replicated ....'


Recently I setup two cloudera hadoop clusters:


  1) a 3-nodes HDFS setup for production usage

  2) a single-node HDFS file system as a backup for the 3-node HDFS


The single-node HDFS' global replication factor is set to 1, while the 3-nodes src HDFS file system's replication factor is 3( at default).


Then I run snapshot+distcp solution to bakup my src HDFS to backup HDFS with commands below:


  hadoop distcp -pbugpca -update -delete -append hdfs://<src_hdfs>.../.snapshot/<#ss>/  hdfs://<backup_hdfs>/<bkup_dir>/

  hdfs dfs -setrep -R -w 1 /   ## under 'hdfs' account on backup HDFS node.


 The above two commands runs perfect. But the problem is, although I don't preserve 'replication factor' ( 'r' value to '-p' option) when doing distcp, and specifically set all files to factor 1, it still doesn't help  -- the Cloudera HDFS health check still reports the same 'under_replicated' type error.


The health test result for HDFS_UNDER_REPLICATED_BLOCKS  has become bad: 10,377 under replicated blocks in the cluster. 10,681 total blocks in the cluster. Percentage under replicated blocks: 97.15%. Critical threshold: 40.00%.


Any one familar with this issue, please feel free to shed a light. Thanks a lot.


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