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api's for putting file into hdfs from a web interface

New Contributor

hello, please suggest any api's to transfer/put a file into hdfs from a web interface. the user will have to hit an upload button to select the file from windows machine and at completion the file should transfer to hdfs. thanks for any ideas.

i looked up webhdfs but did not see any option to solve my problem.


Cloudera Employee

This functionality is available in Ambari Files View.

See the Tutorial 2: Manage Files on HDFS with Ambari Files View on the Hortonworks website.

New Contributor

@gloureiro Hello, thanks for your response. but this wont solve my problem. i am looking for an api that can be invoked through my custom built web page from which the user will need to upload the file into hdfs. i will not be able to use the ambari files view. thanks.