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atlas is not restarting


i had to change some configurations in the ambari that inturn caused me to restart some of the services of the ambari. atlas was also one of them but when i try to restart it, it is failing continuously, it is asking for a restart again and again.


@pk reddy

Can you share the error seen under Ambari - Atlas restart?



this the log file that has been generated while restarting the atlas

@pk reddy Can you check if your solr instance is up and running?


no my solr is not running.

@pk reddy You'd need to start solr in order to start Atlas. Basically Atlas is dependent on 1) Kafka 2) Hbase & 3) Ambari Infra services and all of them should be up and running before you attempt to start Atlas.


@pk reddy

The error below shows there is a problem with Solr,

Command failed, tries again (tries: 1)
No live SolrServers available to handle this request
org.apache.solr.client.solrj.SolrServerException: No live SolrServers available to handle this request

Can you stop and kill any Solr related process on the sandbox

# ps -ef | grep solr 

If there any processes the

# kill -9 PID

Restart Solr it should reload/recreate the collections in zookeeper

Check the Atlas table

Log into hbase which is the default backend DB for Atlas as the hbase user

$ hbase shell

List the tables, make sure you have a similar output

hbase(main):003:0> list 
atlas_titan 2 row(s) in 0.0690 seconds 
=> ["ATLAS_ENTITY_AUDIT_EVENTS", "atlas_titan"] 

The restart Atlas

All should be okay

Please revert


tq for all the answers, i solved this by starting the infra solr instance


@pk reddy

Nice to know it was resolved.

Could you Accept the answer I gave by Clicking on Accept button below, That would be a great help to Community users to find the solution quickly for these kinds of errors.

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