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beeline problem using impala

beeline problem using impala


All the documentation I find states that I should use


$ beeline
beeline> !connect jdbc:hive2://localhost:21050/;auth=noSasl
0: jdbc:hive2://localhost:21050/>


to connect to impala. Which it does.

Still the behavior seems to be very different if I want to connect with


$ beeline -u connect jdbc:hive2://localhost:21050/;auth=noSasl

Connecting to jdbc:hive2://    <----- missing the authentication config!!!

(it hangs)


The problem is that I'm trying to connect to impala through hive2 action on Oozie, which will use the command line parameter and therefore simply hang all workflows.

Is this a bug of beeline ? If not, what can I use to state the authentication mechanism I need ?





Re: beeline problem using impala

Master Collaborator

Try putting the connection string in quotes like so:

beeline -u connect "jdbc:hive2://localhost:21050/;auth=noSasl"


Re: beeline problem using impala




From the command line it is working fine and it did the trick.

Using the hive2 action though, although the connection string is used, the action also injects a -a delegationToken in the command line. In the source I see:


+        // This tells BeeLine to look for a delegation token; otherwise it won't and will fail in secure mode because there are no
+        // Kerberos credentials.  In non-secure mode, this argument is ignored so we can simply always pass it.
+        arguments.add("-a");
+        arguments.add("delegationToken");


What I see is that the argument "is not ignored" even if I have the auth=noSasl in the driver definition.... Any other ideas ?


Re: beeline problem using impala

Master Collaborator

I'm not very familiar with the HS2 Oozie action. I'd suggest you try asking your question on Someone more knowledgable on this topic might be able to help.

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