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cannot add HDP sandbox service pool to HDF sandbox streaming analytics manager due to 404 error

I have successfully gone through the HDF Trucking IoT tutorial, and am attempting to do the "Real-Time Event Processing In NiFi, SAM, Schema Registry and SuperSet" tutorial, and am not able to add the HDP sandbox cluster to the SAM service pools. When I auto-add it prompts me for credentials, and throws up a 404 not found error, but the spinner keeps working. If I refresh the page it shows the cluster, but says "No service". The HDP Ambari instance, and all it's services are running (at least the ones I need, some are maintenance mode from start, had to take Druid off maintenance mode and start). Also, when I hit in my browser I can see a bunch of JSON describing the cluster, so it appears to be working fine. I have already enabled native CDA, and the proxy and HDF containers are all running fine:

# docker ps CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES eb80d2f492b4 hortonworks/sandbox-proxy:1.0 "nginx -g 'daemon of…" 19 minutes ago Up 19 minutes>1080/tcp,>1100/tcp,>1111/tcp,>1988/tcp,>2100/tcp,>2181-2182/tcp,>2201-2202/tcp,>2222/tcp,>3000/tcp,>4040/tcp,>4200/tcp,>4242/tcp,>4557/tcp,>5007/tcp,>5011/tcp,>6001/tcp,>6003/tcp,>6008/tcp,>6080/tcp,>6188/tcp,>6627/tcp,>6667/tcp,>7777/tcp,>7788/tcp,>8000/tcp,>8005/tcp,>8020/tcp,>8032/tcp,>8040/tcp,>8042/tcp,>8080-8082/tcp,>8086/tcp,>8088/tcp,>8090-8091/tcp,>8188/tcp,>8443/tcp,>8744/tcp,>8765/tcp,>8886/tcp,>8888-8889/tcp,>8983/tcp,>8993/tcp,>9000/tcp,>9088-9091/tcp,>9995-9996/tcp,>10000-10001/tcp,>10015-10016/tcp,>10500/tcp,>10502/tcp,>11000/tcp,>12049/tcp,>12200/tcp,>15000/tcp,>15002/tcp,>15500/tcp,>16000/tcp,>16010/tcp,>16020/tcp,>16030/tcp,>18080-18081/tcp,>19888/tcp,>21000/tcp,>33553/tcp,>39419/tcp,>42111/tcp,>50070/tcp,>50075/tcp,>50079/tcp,>50095/tcp,>50111/tcp,>60000/tcp,>60080/tcp,>61080/tcp, 80/tcp,>61888/tcp sandbox-proxy 68217bb995b6 hortonworks/sandbox-hdp:2.6.5 "/usr/sbin/init" 12 hours ago Up 11 hours 22/tcp, 4200/tcp, 8080/tcp sandbox-hdp a3d7d72be13e hortonworks/sandbox-hdf:3.1.1 "/usr/sbin/init" 13 hours ago Up 11 hours 22/tcp, 4200/tcp, 8080/tcp sandbox-hdf

I am running Ubuntu 16.06 in AWS with docker 18.06.1-ce.

Any ideas?...I haven't even found a way to view the SAM logs to try to diagnose problems.