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cannot find storm logs

Expert Contributor

I installed Storm on two nodes, and when I try to start nimbus which is a deamon of storm in the second node, it turns on for few seconds (30s or 40s) and then it turns off again. so I would check logs to understand the whats happen to nimbus. when I get access to /var/log/storm, I only found nimbus.out which is empty. which can be the Problem here?


Super Mentor

@yassine sihi

Can you try starting the Nimbus process using command line as mentioned in the following doc and then check if the Logs are getting created and what is the issue logged in the log file.

Start Storm services using a process controller, such as supervisord. See "Installing and Configuring Apache Storm" in the Non-Ambari Cluster Installation Guide. For example, to start the storm-nimbus service:

# sudo /usr/bin/supervisorctl 

supervisor> start storm-nimbus
storm-nimbus: started


Please run it as $STORM_USER is the operating system user that installed Storm.

Expert Contributor

@Jay Kumar SenSharma

When i run the sudo /usr/bin/supervisorctl, I get this:

# /usr/bin/supervisorctl
-bash: /usr/bin/supervisorctl: No such file or directory
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