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cant find these variables

cant find these variables

Master Collaborator

yarn-utils is recommending to change bunch of variables , but i couldnt find these three .. where are these? they are not in yarn or hive or mapreduce configs.

Re: cant find these variables

Super Mentor

@Sami Ahmad

The "" and "" can be added isnide the "Custom Yarn-site" as following

Ambari UI --> Yarn --> Configs --> Advanced --> "Custom yarn-site" --> Add Property

Similarly the "" property can be added in the following path in the UI

Ambari UI --> MapReduce2 --> Configs --> Summary --> "Sort Allocation Memory"


Re: cant find these variables


@ Sami Ahmad

These variable are available all under MapReduce2, You need to use the filter option... I can understand the names are quite misleading, I have attached you the screenshots to help you visually

HTH :-)