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change supervisord port

change supervisord port

New Contributor

Hey guys, some of my servers run an application that binds to tcp/9001 already so I need to change the supervisord control port which the cmf agent uses.


List of ports:


I already figured out i can add this argument, 'CMF_AGENT_ARGS=" --supervisord_httpd_port=9101"' to /etc/default/cloudera-agent.  However is there any way to manage this with cloudera manager?  The alternative is I resort to my seperate configuration management software for this.  I would prefer to not require puppet and keep everything in the same place (cloudera manager) because otherwise this will come back to haunt me.


Re: change supervisord port

Cloudera Employee

Hi Dan,


Currently, the way you're doing it with the command line flag is the only way.  The most important per-machine flag is the server_host in /etc/cloudera-scm-agent/config.ini, but sometimes users need to preserve /etc/default/cloudera-scm-agent as well.




-- Philip