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New Contributor

Hi all,

I have aws s3 data ( 1TB ) & google cloud nearline, Please let me know cloudbreak support to access both aws + nearline via cloudbreak (as a singer pointer )

Please check and let me know if any other centralize tool to access both account

Requirement :- s3 data transfter to nearline google cloud.


@Santosh mirajkar

It is a feature of the HDP stack to be able to configure "Cloud Storage Connectors", which allow you to access and work with data stored in Amazon S3, Azure ADLS and Azure WASB storage services, and Google Cloud Storage.

Cloudbreak can automate the configuration of these connectors, it provides a wizard step for the connector relevant to the particular cloud provider (e.g. s3 for AWS, GCS for Google Cloud).

The other connector can be configured in a recipe.

You can then use a distcp to transfer data from one to another.

Hope this helps!

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