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cloudera data science work bench dns issue

cloudera data science work bench dns issue


Hi Team,


Need some urgent help on the dns issue. Here is the steps i did and please do let me know how to resolve the issue.


cdsw master Machine Name:


dns name configured: *

parameter given while installing the cdsw:


When ran the cdsw status command it says 

Checking web at url: cannot be resolved. Check DNS setup.
Cloudera Data Science Workbench is not ready yet.


The network was company managed network and hence I asked the network team to add two dns entries

as below... * and But the Netwrok team only added one entry saying they can't add two entry for the same ip. Not sure if there is any compulsion?


When they added I am able to access the web ui but unable to open the workbench as wild card dns entry was not added. When they add * then I am unable to access the above web ui.


Please guide me on the below.

1. Is both the dns name adding to the netwrok was mandatory to work/create session in cloudera data science workbench? Do we need to add the same dns entry in our /etc/resolv.conf(i have already added) in my cdsw machine?

2. Is there a way I can test just by creating some dummy dns?(I have seen and tried but could not progress much on the same. If any one is having any docs/ref will be helpful).

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