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cloudera manager installation path

cloudera manager installation path

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Hi, everyone. I'm quite new to cloudera and CDH. I tried to instal 5.2.1 using path a, instal cloudera manager first and then went to localhost:7180 to follow the instructions. Since I only have one machine, so I use that IP address for all roles-namenode,datanode etc. However, for the configuration warning it says “HDFS suggests at least three datanode“ which currently I only have one. Do you guys have any idea how can I add different datanode using this computer only. Also given this setting I already have, is that possible I change it to single node pesudo distributed mode? If not possible, can anyone provide a way I can install cloudera for single node pesudo distributed mode? ( tools I use include spark hdfs yarn flume zookeeper and hive)

(I'm really new to this, thanks for the help)


Re: cloudera manager installation path




you can add extra nodes by going to the host section at the top and click on add new host.  But, this process is having extra hosts as you cant have more datanodes or tasktrackers on the same host. You can use VM software to add extra nodes if your computer has the resources. The messages says to use 3 datanodes but, you don't really need to if your testing it out. You can ignore it or change the configuration to 1 host and the message will stop.

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