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cloudera manager is taking quite long to open


cloudera manager is taking quite long to open

New Contributor

Hi Team,


I have downloaded the cloudera quickstart vm , but when i try to open to cloudera manager link, it's taking too long

to connect. It has still not started.

Kindly advice.



Re: cloudera manager is taking quite long to open

Champion Alumni



Cloudera Manager is not starting if you don't have enough RAM memory . 

I know that one year ago, with the Quickstart VM,  Cloudera Manager didn't started on the VM with 6 GB Memory but it did on a VM with 9 GB memory.


However, if you don't have more memory, you can still play with the installed VM  just that:

- you have to start/stop all the services (deamon by deamon) in command line

- I suggest that you start at least the Hue interface in order to be able to do all the queries from the interface.

If not, you can do the queries in each service shell (hbase shell, hive, impala-shell etc).


Best regards,



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