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cloudera quickstart vm

cloudera quickstart vm

HI All,


i have downloaded the cloudera quickstart vm 5.8 but i am not able to load the centos in vmware.


after centos boot up the vm is not loading


please advice on this


Re: cloudera quickstart vm

Rising Star

Hi, I am using the Cloudera Quickstart VM (CDH 5.8) on both Mac OS and Windows without a problem.


Some things to check and general questions:

1. Did you download the VMWare version of the VM? (you would select VMWare from the pulldown menu)


2. Did you confirm that the entire zip file downloaded successfully? - check the file size and checksum against those posted on the website


3. If you are on Windows, have you enabled virtualization (this has to be done when booting up the host). (If you need steps for doing this, I can provide them.)


4. When you say Centos booted but the VM did not boot up - do you mean that the VM started, Centos booted, and then nothing happened after that - the VM looks like it stopped running?


5. How much memory is in your machine - the website says that at least 4GB of memory are required just for the VM, so if your machine only has 4GB of physical memory, the VM will not run. I have seen the VM work in 3GB of memory, so you could try that, but it will be a bit slow.


This may also be helpful: How to setup Cloudera Quickstart Virtual Machine