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cluster - nodes dont send client certificate

cluster - nodes dont send client certificate

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hi, i am trying to set up my cluster.

Right now my cluster is made from 3 node with zookeeper embeded with ldap and ssl set up.
Almost everything seem to work, except my node dont comunicated beetween them. from what i can see in logs and using tcpdump it seem the node doesnt send his certificate as a client certificate when speaking with the cluster cordinator.

i used openssl and saw that if i send the cert and key the connectiong is working so i know that probbaly the problem, but i cant find a fix for it.

someone saysin the link that "" and "" need to be set to true, that is the case in my cluster`s conf and still it doesnt work :(


Re: cluster - nodes dont send client certificate

Are you saying the ambari & cluster nodes are not communicating correctly?


The NiFi nodes are not communicating?

These details may help myself or someone else provide an acceptable answer to the main post.

Re: cluster - nodes dont send client certificate

Please ensure that those configurations are on all nodes of the cluster. If this is the case, please share the files from each node as well as the Zookeeper configurations and relevant stacktrace from the nifi-app.log file.