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co-reside of kubernetes and Yarn on same cluster supporting 2 different purposes

we have a brainstorm about the best way to implement solutions for our stream and processing layer (including ad-hoc reports) and our DWH cluster .

the question is between 2 approaches : a unified cluster over HDFS , that serves the steam app over yarn , and the DWH needs over kubernetes (it is a working and closed solution so it's given that it will use kubernetes).

note that the app A (stream app) will have completely other SLA and Qos than the app B (DWH )

the other approach is to have 2 separate clusters that will potentially demand more managing .

so the questions are :

1. is it feasible to accommodate both needs on the same cluster, with logic border between the two , for different resource utilization and Qos ?

2. if both apps will use spark , can spark use kubernetes for app B and yarn for app A ?

3. is their an known example of such a division in the production ?

4. i saw this link , is their any progress on this issue since ?





Hi Yair, this does not answer your question, but may help to understand where HDP 3.0 is heading this year with these blog posts - the 4th blog has links to the other three here -