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collection creation is pointing to Ambari-infra solr instance instead of hdp-search

New Contributor

I have both ambari-infra and hdp-search installed in my hdp 2.6.1 using ambari. Whenever I am trying to create a collection from command it is creating the collection in ambari-infra instead of hdp-search solr cloud. Is there any configuration change I need to do..?

Commnad used to create collection:

/opt/lucidworks-hdpsearch/solr/bin/solr create -c testCollection -d data_driven_schema_configs -n myCollConfigs -s 2 -rf 2


Expert Contributor
@Ram manohar Bheemana

can you please give the details how you are creating a collection? and please note that managing hdp-search through Ambari is not an Hortonworks supported feature rather a community one.

Cloudera Employee

Make sure both infra-solr and Hdp Solr is not installed on the same node, if that is case by default it goes to infra-solr

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