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connecting HDF and HDP

Hi - I have one dedicated Linux ubuntu 14.04 hardware (16gb/Octacore/500Gb SSD) configured with HDF Nifi 2.0, successfully running and fetching unstructured data. And Second a HDP 2.5 Virtual Machine Running on Windows 10.1 through Virtual Box 5.x. Please suggest how can I connect / configure my Nifi to push data directly to HDP (HDFS), however I already have included the PutHDFS processor in my dataflow but unabe to make it connect to my HDP Virtual machine.

Appreciate! if you kindly suggest its configuration with a step by step tutorial or some reliable literature.


Super Collaborator

can your Linux box connect to the windows machine? And is the Virtual Box network configured to allow direct network access for the VM?
And if this is working have you configured the hdfs-site.xml file on the Nifi machine?

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