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connectivity issue


connectivity issue


After creating the deployment got following Alert keep on showing


Unable to connect to gcp-dep-01 in gcp-env-01 for at least 5 minutes 31 seconds. Check your deployment status.
The deployment may have failed or may have a connectivity issue.


Application logs shows

[2019-03-20 18:59:38.398 +0500] INFO  [notification-cache-thread-1] - - - - - c.c.l.c.n.DeploymentPingStatusCacheLoader: Cannot ping CM DeploymentKey{environmentName='gcp-env-01', deploymentName='gcp-dep-01'} null

both host for director and cm manager can be pinged using fqn and ip address. director is created manually where cm manager was created on deployment creation.  is this ssh keys issue. 






Re: connectivity issue


I went to bed with this error, early in the morning this was gone and i am able to lauch the CM from deployment page from director login.


Here are the logs, kindly help to understand this behaviour.


Do i need to provide the private key to director which is being used for CM.

Re: connectivity issue


this error got away, i appended the private key used to create the cluster  in 'id_rsa' file on direct.


looks this is not an eligent solution as how multiple enviornment would be using same key.


urgent help please.

Re: connectivity issue

Expert Contributor

Hi -Rana-,


I don't think your attachments made it through. That's just as well: there are limits to how much we can help you to that extent over a community forum anyway. We can offer general guidance and feedback on highly specific issues, but general troubleshooting is best performed by our support organization, so they can work with you over time and as new issues crop up.


Otherwise, in general, I would check that the Director instance is able to consistently reach the CM instance over the network, specifically over SSH. Check over any network / firewall rules that may interrupt the connectivity, especially if the instances are in separate networks or subnetworks.

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