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creating a table in hive from a CSV file with || as field delimiter

New Contributor

I try to learn hive so I intalled  an  hortonworks VM after trying to install the Cloudera manager for a day. I am completly new to it . I am trying to use the data analytics create table like in the getting started documentation. I tried to use some of my data in a csv file. It is a small table of 84 column and 46000 rows. 


In the data analytics studio I try to upload a csv table with the GUI. For field delimiter there I try to input '||'

I am not sure If I should put \|\|  for escaping the bar or just put the two character. Anyway when I wrote them I can't  write them and apply the selection. It just wrote no result found and clicking elsewhere does not keep what I wrote. It looks like I can just select one of those character. The bottom one in advanced is the same it does not want two characters 


In the preview it creates an empty column with string type with no name between the each  column. The delete button is not active yet for those. pushing the create button isnot working because of all the unnamed column 

It detect a lot of column with a mix of number and string as int instead of string that I had to change


I gave a name to each empty column so the create execute thinkin I would be able to remove those columns later but after the table creation there is no delete button .  


I got error in the creation so now it shows me 3 table  instead of 1 where one has a random string of around 20 characters as name . I had to delete 2 of them. After  that it showed me zero table. the long random name was deleted but after that I had 2 table with the same name and deleting one had removed both of them. 


Do people use the GUI or it is too clunky like it happened to me?

Is there a way to see the query it is building whem we use the GUI?

Can we see the logs of query that were sent from the GUI? the queries tab did not showed those table creation and deletion.