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dataguise on hortonworks



Can someone tell me will dataguise help me on any of the below Area

Data ingestion ,

Data Catalog

Data Transformation

Data Classification

Data access control

Data Quality Metadata Management

Data Stewardship

Please let me know.


Re: dataguise on hortonworks


Dataguise is a Security and (soon to be) Governance certified partner for Hortonworks that provides sensitive data discovery (PII, PCI, PHI etc.), static data masking, and element/column level encryption. It can help complement HDP with element level security for HDP (both static data masking and encryption) and help with data classification for sensitive data elements via integration via ApacheAtlas tags.

Dataguise also integrates with Apache Ranger for their sensitive data entitlement reports for reading ACLs.

Please refer to their Hadoop offerings page via

So to summarize: Dataguise can help with classification, cataloging, and access control but through the lens of sensitive data elements within Hadoop (i.e.) DgSecure is not for a broader data exploration/cataloging but precisely focused only on sensitive data discovery, protection, and monitoring.