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datanode config groups?

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Hi Expert,

Currently, our cluster's hosts has 12 data disks(900G) installed besides the OS disk. and I created files systems /data01~data12 for every data disk. and set


Now, I'd like add several hosts with only 5 data disks(1.8T) installed to the cluster as datanodes. can I do it by creating 5 files systems /data01~data05 and adding new config groups with the in Ambari?


For such exending capablity scenario, What is the best practice?


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@Huahua Wei

I guess you should use the Config Group concept via Ambari to achieve the same. You can add those new hosts to your cluster using ambari and then create a new HDFS config group and choose those hosts where you want different value for the mentioned property.

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This url seems to manage the existing hosts, how about adding new hosts?

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@Huahua Wei

You can add new hosts to ambari cluster via Ambari itself as mentioned in the following link.

- Once those hosts are added to your cluster then you can deploy your desired services/components to them like DataNode via ambari. The create the config groups.

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