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differene between File System Read Endpoint Address and File System Default Address in falcon

I am creating cluster entity for falcon but I have some of doubts please refer below points on the same :



File System Read Endpoint AddressA read-only interface that specifies the endpoint and protocol to connect to a data source. Required for DistCp (distributed copy). This would be used for replication, such as importing from a data source into HDFS. Located in Ambari atHDFS>Configs>Advanced>NameNode>NameNode host. The URI might be hftp://<hostname>:50070 or hdfs://<hostname>:8020.
File System Default AddressA write interface that specifies the endpoint and protocol to write to the datasource. Falcon uses this interface to export data from HDFS to the data source. Located in Ambari atHDFS>Config>Advanced>Advanced core-site> fs.defaultFS.

I am concerned when data source is hdfs how it works in falcon .

for e.g . if i want to move hdfs /apps directory from source cluster to data cluster in some hdfs directory how above points will be justified on this .