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disable components on boot


using 2.4 sandbox how can i disable components from startup? Some are listed in chkconfig (zepplin, hbase), but others are not. A general question...where is the startup script during boot? Thanks.


@Sonny Heer

This is something you are looking for : /usr/lib/hue/tools/start_scripts/


@Sandeep Nemuri

Is that the official sandbox start script? I see it says it starts HBase in there, but in fact hbase isn't started by default ( i had to change it with chkconfig hbase-starter). Where is spark?

Here is the one : /usr/lib/hue/tools/start_scripts/

Sandbox kicks off : /root/start_scripts/ (which has all the docker commands)

Edit : This is for HDP2.5 sandbox


Sorry I'm on 2.4. Looking. Also why are these in a "hue" folder...confusing..