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disaster recovery using ambari blueprints


disaster recovery using ambari blueprints

I am thinking of setting up a DR cluster in cloud using ambari blueprints.

These are my thoughts. Get the configuration of the running cluster using the ambari blueprint api. Can i get the blueprint of a running cluster which was not installed through blueprints?

I tried the following command

curl -s -u admin:admin -H “X-Requested-By: Ambari” -X GET http://FQDN:8080/api/v1/clusters/:zlakecluster01?format=blueprint

I am getting the entire configuration including the properties like the following

"properties" : { 7 "autopurge.purgeInterval" : "24", 8 "dataDir" : "/u01/hadoop/zookeeper", 9 "autopurge.snapRetainCount" : "30", 10 "clientPort" : "2181", 11 "initLimit" : "10", 12 "tickTime" : "2000

Is it good to have all these properties , while creating the DR cluster or just the only required components/services as shown in the examples available.

is there a command to get the host mapping details using ambari api?

IS this approach a good one to create a DR cluster?




Re: disaster recovery using ambari blueprints


The command that you have used is the correct command to export a cluster as a Blueprint.

A cloud cluster can indeed be used to create a DR cluster. You have to implement replication between your cluster and the DR cluster in the cloud.

You can check these threads for replication options

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