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doesn't recognize the local parcel files

doesn't recognize the local parcel files



why it can't recognize the local parcel files in  /opt/cloudera/parcel-repo ?  I've tried restart the cloudera-manager-server ,but it didn't work .

please help ~


Re: doesn't recognize the local parcel files

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I believe your problem is that you cant see the el7.parcel file in the parcel-repo folder?


Please confirm

Re: doesn't recognize the local parcel files

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We do not support placing parcel files directly in the parcel-repo directory of Cloudera Manager and cannot guarantee it will work properly.  There are dependency calculations that are done during the download/processing of the parcel repo from the remote repository, so that is the method we recommend.  Also, the necessary .sha files will be created properly during the download process.


You can configure your own internal parcel repository by setting up a directory in a simple httpd server or even set up a temporary python server.


The problem you are having appears to be  due to the fact that you have a parcel file that has no companion .sha file. Your Parcel file shows "trusty" but your .sha file shows "sles11".  This would cause the behavior you describe.


Here are instructions on setting up your own parcel repository:

NOTE:  only one manifest.json can exist per directory.  Make sure you retain the directory structure of our external repository.

Re: doesn't recognize the local parcel files

what a simple and stupid mistake that I've made
and really thanks for your help